Trick-or-treat Safety Tips Make for a Great Halloween

Trick-or-treat Safety Tips Make for a Great Halloween

  • France Clausen
  • 10/29/19

Be visible

Typically trick-or-treating begins as the sun begins to set. Be sure your children are visible to both humans and auto traffic. Reflective tape (found at most hardware stores,) glow stick bracelets and necklaces work well to amp up visibility for both kids and the adult chaperones in the group.

Outline a safe route

Have your trick-or-treat route planned in advance. This will give you time to consider construction, traffic patterns, sidewalks, etc. as these things will be more difficult to assess once it’s dark. If you are going to a new area to go trick-or-treating, be sure to choose neighborhoods that are family-friendly and well lit. For extra caution, always walk facing oncoming traffic.

Costumes should fit properly

Costumes should be the correct size to prevent trips and falls. Avoid costumes that are oversized and drag on the ground. They can get caught in bushes, be a tripping hazard and an overall discomfort (and annoyance!) for your trick-or-treater.

Option for face paint or make-up

Masks are elaborate these days. However, they can obstruct a child’s vision and even impair breathing. Toxin-free face paint and makeup are safer alternatives.

Set a curfew

Set a curfew for those who are old enough to trick-or-treat without an adult. Remind your trick-or-treaters to “stay on the step,” children should never enter strangers’ homes.

Say “thank you” and have fun!

While it’s not a safety tip, remind your children to thank each person that’s treated them to their Halloween goodies and spent loads of time or money.

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