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The Veritas Group is a power team of some of Dripping Springs’ top REALTORS® who set the service bar at its pinnacle when it comes to their clients in Dripping Springs and the surrounding areas. They don’t simply work in Dripping Springs, they live here. As residents and active members within the community, they are aware of the many changes that the city and surrounding areas are undergoing and the effects that can have on lives and property values. The goal of this blog is to help you stay informed on the factual issues that impact you the most. Today’s topic: CHANGE!

Not long ago Dripping Springs, the “Gateway to the Hill Country” was a sleepy, small town, deeply rooted in the community and its storied history. Just west of Austin and in close proximity to San Antonio, San Marcos, Marble Falls and the like, bucolic Dripping Springs is finding itself in a major growth surge. Hays County is the 4th fastest growing in the United States, with Dripping Springs leading in the percentage growth rate among all other cities with the county.

“The City of Dripping Springs is still a small town, with an estimated population of approximately 1,900. However, this does not encompass the much larger area included in the Dripping Springs’ Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), which includes residents who identify as being from Dripping Springs, despite not being within the city limits.”
(source: City of Dripping Springs Comprehensive Plan 2016)

Growth, transportation, housing, water sourcing and waste water are some of the main issues for many residents as they care about these factors and how they can affect our natural resources and our quality of life.


The table above shows a five-year projection from ESRI Business Analyst.

The population of Hays County is expected to more than double in the next 15 years, and much of this growth is likely to be in the Dripping Springs area. This will create challenges for the City in terms of significantly increased traffic, residential and commercial development, and the infrastructure that must expand with the growth. The City must also consider the impact to DSISD, which will need to plan for additional students, faculty and facilities.

Drive along Highway 290 or Ranch Road 12 in Dripping Springs and you’ll see the plethora of new developments under way. The City is working hard to manage this inevitable growth, but that is not to say residents don’t feel the growing pains.

“With all of the growth we have to acknowledge and appreciate the amenities that come with it. It was only nine years ago that HEB opened; we now have the HEB Curbside services. We also gained a Sky Cinema, Gold’s Gym, family-friendly restaurants (including: Pieous, Torchy’s, Hat Creek Burgers), boutique and other retail stores, walking trails, and, of course, a burgeoning real estate market. With this growth, we have to make necessary and wise adjustments.” – Mark Clausen


In 2015, Dripping Springs was officially named the Wedding Capital of Texas. There are more than 35 wedding venues within a 15-mile radius, not to mention a wide variety of vineyards, distilleries and micro breweries, which brings a large number of visitors to the area. Residents are focused on the proposed solutions to the transportation dilemma in and around the City. In addition, Dripping Springs was recently deemed a “Film Friendly” city. While movie production will help our economy, this industry will also bring increased traffic. The anticipated increase in visitors further emphasizes the need to evaluate and develop transportation plans that can accommodate this growth.

Master Transportation Plan
In upcoming blogs we will delve deeper into proposed transportation plans and traffic solutions to ease congestion and accommodate the growth in Dripping Springs and the surrounding areas.


The population is on the rise as evidenced by the many new subdivisions, 55+ communities, garden homes and apartment complexes that are going up around the area.

In 2018, there were 400 news homes permitted within the City of Dripping Springs and its ETJ. Dripping Springs is expected to continue to see exponential growth in 2019. According to Jason Lutz, Planning Director for Dripping Springs, “We are in the first quarter of this fiscal year and we are approaching one hundred. So we anticipate we will blow through last year’s projections.”
(source: KXAN News)

Transportation, housing and commercial developments, water supply and wastewater will be the spotlights of future blogs. Stay with us as we keep you informed and updated on our growing community of Dripping Springs!

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