Central Texas has an abundant offering of land and lots. With such a diverse topography and a relatively spread out population, you can easily find open lots in a wide range of areas. Because Austin and Dripping Springs have so much development going on in many of the sprawl areas of town, you can easily find lots in established real estate areas. But if you’re looking for something a little less urban, the Central Texas area has plenty of small, sparsely populated areas where you can find large lots, great for a secondary ranch or vacation property out in the country.

For those looking for quantity of land instead of notable neighborhoods, there are endless listings for multi-acre lots throughout Central Texas. You can find everything from waterfront lots near Lake Travis and Lake Austin to ranch-sized lots in the Dripping Springs hill country.

We have extensive expertise in the land and lot market so no matter your preference we can help you find a piece of Central Texas land that will suit your needs.


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