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The further west one travels through the Hill Country regions, the rolling hills start to settle, and the horizon begins to reach a little further down the bend. Gradually clearings between trees open, here rangeland stretches wide under big skies, with ample room for all sorts of game to graze, or space to grow depending on what you plant or raise.   Where there is water, there is life, with a generous supply of annual precipitation and the bounty of the Pedernales River, this region is well known among fishermen and bow hunters for its ample wildlife.   This humble town in the Texas Hill Country takes its pride from the city’s favorite son; 36th President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

During his administration, his affinity for the area was no state secret, he returned so often during his administration, that it eventually became referred to as “The Texas White House”.  It’s easy to understand why, beyond the dozen or so city streets surrounding the picturesque Blanco County Courthouse at its orderly center, is a calming peaceful countryside, and pristine ranch lands that have remained unspoiled for generations.   Amazingly larger tracts in the hundreds of acres can still be found for sale near Johnson City, down to gentlemen ranches, and even smaller acreages for aspiring vintners, training vines to compete with the area’s many commercial vineyards. Improvements on these properties for sale in Johnson City are almost as diverse as the ways you can use the land itself.  From simple ranch homes to regal hunting lodges, and stunning contemporary homes specially designed in harmony with the beautiful Hill Country vistas. Patient buyers can find the perfect Hill Country property, but smart buyers leave it to us. Let us know just what you think would be perfect, and we will find it for you.

Homes for sale in Johnson City

Most people choose a spot this far removed to be away from the things of man. The natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country is a special place, and for those who enjoy being on the water, the Pedernales River provides miles of gentle banks for those looking to float a lure (or themselves) down the lazy river. You can find larger boats and larger fish, due north at the incredible Lake LBJ, here record-setting largemouth and white bass can be found among the luxury community of Horseshoe Bay.

When you are inclined to be among the townsfolk, Market Days is a weekend conglomeration of merchants held monthly that is a full compliment of Hill Country artisans, food vendors and, of course, wines from the many local vineyards.


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