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Mercer Street in Dripping Springs, TX is home to many of the first businesses established in the city. Buildings on Mercer Street were constructed between the early 1870s to 1940s, and many of the storefronts have remained unchanged. Today most of these historical buildings are serving as current businesses.

“The layout of streets within the district has not changed since it was first platted. The setback, scale, and massing of the buildings along Mercer are consistent with their historic configurations. Additionally, the design of individual resources within the district also show high integrity, many of them constructed of limestone or local rock that have endured the test of time. Many of the historic buildings have excellent integrity, and others have small alterations such as side additions or window replacements that do not detract significantly from their integrity of the design. The Period of Significance for Downtown Dripping Springs extends from 1872 when the earliest resource was constructed, to 1941, when the United States entered the war. ”

United States Department of the Interior, National Register of Historic Places Registration Form

Join us as we walk through the historic Mercer Street to see how these buildings are serving us today. From the Dripping Springs Marker on the bridge, head east toward the center of Mercer Street.

The first historical building you’ll come to is Rippy’s Ranch Supply

204 Mercer Street

Crow Wool/Mohair Store (1937)

Currently: Rippy’s Ranch Supply

Will Crow’s wool center began in 1937 raising goats and sheep. Wool and mohair from sheep and goats were large components of the local economy from 1920 to 1970. Two years later, the store burned while fully stocked with wool. Crow reopened and added the town’s first hardware store to this site in 1946.

Today, 204 Mercer Street serves as Rippy’s Ranch Supply where you can get just about anything – from farm supplies to home goods.

Crow Wool/Mohair Store, 1937

Rippy’s Ranch Supply, 2019










Continue walking east on the south side of Mercer Street. The next historical building is:

305 Mercer Street

Spaw Barber Shop/Post Office (1937)

Currently: Sacred Moon

Johnny Spaw built this stone building with its distinctive jagged roofline and diminutive size. Johnny and his wife Mary operated a combination location. A partition down the middle of the building designated spaces for both a post office and a barbershop. Mary, the postmistress, ran the post office, and Johnny the barbershop. Mary conducted some of the postal business through a little metal window and, it is rumored, stored the money in a safe beneath a trapdoor in the floor. Today it’s Sacred Moon, a holistic healing shop offering a variety of herbs, essential oils, jewelry, and gifts.


Spaw Barber Shop/Post Office, 1937

Sacred Moon, 2019










Continuing east along the south side of Mercer, you’ll come to:

301 Mercer Street

A.L. Davis Mercantile (1891)

Currently: Lone Star Gifts and Mazama Coffee

“Built-in 1891 by A.L. Davis, at that time, one of the wealthiest men in Dripping Springs. The first floor of Davis Mercantile was designed to serve as a store, while the second story was used as a group meeting space, including serving as the Masonic Lodge from 1920 to 1952. The W. T. Chapman Firm, comprised of Chapman, his son Mercer, and son-in-law Thomas Egerton, bought the business in 1901. They operated the general merchandise store until 1920. In 1951, Solon Glosson leased the building, where he ran the Red & White Grocery until a fire nearly destroyed the structure on November 19, 1951. Only the rock walls were left intact; the two-story stone front façade is all that remains of the 2nd story.”

–United States Department of the Interior, National Register of Historic Places Registration Form

Today this building serves as Lone Star Gifts, offering a wide array of gifts. The addition on the west side of the building was constructed in 1971 and serves as Mazama Coffee, a beloved, caffeinated watering hole.


A.L. Davis Mercantile, 1891

Lone Star Gifts and Mazama Coffee, 2019









299 Mercer Street

Haydon Central Garage/Mobil (1937)

Currently: Dripping Springs Rental Center

Charlie C. Haydon bought the lot in 1925. Previously an old wooden building on the site served hamburgers and had a barbershop. Construction began in 1935 and was completed in 1937. “Called the Central Garage, the building was a Magnolia (Mobil) Gas station and garage. Leroy Roberts ran the service station and his wife ran a café in the east end of the station. The business had a good truck trade along Mercer Street. At one time, the station operated 24 hours a day. After the highway bypassed Mercer Street, the Haydons realized they needed to move the business to Highway 290 and did so in 1964. In 1967, Jake Spears leased the original garage building for his repair shop. Today it houses the Dripping Springs Rental Center. Known for its unusual rockwork, this service station is made from rock, granite and petrified wood. The parking bay has its original pressed-tin ceiling. The Haydon Central Garage is exceptional for its architecture and is a contributing element in the historic district.” Dripping Springs Rental Center offers a vast array of rental tools and equipment.

–United States Department of the Interior, National Register of Historic Places Registration Form

Haydon Central Garage/Mobil, 1937

Dripping Springs Rental Center, 2019








Head east toward RR12 and you’ll find the next historical building is:

207 Mercer Street

Crenshaw Garage/Texaco, 1926

Currently: The Barber Shop

This building began its life in the mid-1920s and was constructed of wood and tin. In 1938, D.W. Crenshaw became the owner and gave it the rock exterior. It served as an automotive garage/gas station until around 1960. Since the re-routing of Highway 290, it’s been used as a residence and as a barbershop. Today it exists at The Barber Shop, a friendly pub serving an assortment of craft beer and wine.

Crenshaw Garage/Texaco, 1926

The Barber Shop, 2019




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