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Homes for sale near Lake Travis & Bee Caves Texas
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With the influx of new residents to Texas, Austin, and the Hill Country, in particular, growth and abundance have been managed admirably, but of all the Hill Country regions, Bee Caves has excelled at growing up fast. Originally named The Village of Bee Caves, it formally became the City of Bee Caves in 2013 and with good reason. It’s hard to believe this small section fourteen miles west of Austin and a little over fifteen miles north of Dripping Springs has seen its recorded census population grow from 656 in 2000 to a staggering 6,515 as of 2015, that is until you see Bee Caves for yourself.

It’s City Hall, public Library, and administrative branches practically shine, like newly minted coins. This model of 21st-century civics is crowned by the surrounding Hill Country Galleria, unquestionably the most elegant pedestrian shopping center outside of the Austin City Limits. The idyllic community regularly hosts family-friendly seasonal events along the malls central gathering spots which are tastefully illuminated by string lights and gas fire pits in the evening. Public areas remain safely patrolled and impeccably manicured every day of the year. Not far from the police department headquarters there is a 7-acre art park and spring-fed pond, including some of the largest oak trees in the City is adorned by a revolving showcase of artisan pieces, ensuring the beautiful views are ever changing.

Homes for sale near Lake Travis & Bee Caves Texas

Not surprisingly the price of entry to such splendid model of modern Hill Country living comes at a higher cost when in comes to real estate. Prospective homebuyers should be prepared to match the median home prices of property sold within this zip code of 78738 which has hovered around the $500,000 mark since 2014.

Luxury Homes for sale near Lake Travis & Bee Caves Texas

Farm and Ranch Land for sale near Lake Travis & Bee Caves Texas

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