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Austin’s Neighborhoods to Watch 2018

With the Austin real estate industry quickly reaching it’s peak season, certain trends are starting to emerge. From selling prices, to development, to general interest – simply put – some neighborhoods are just set to perform well this year. Whether it’s because of property appreciation or overwhelming development, the neighborhoods listed below are some of the hottest in a town that is set to have a very, very good year.


If you haven’t heard about this utopian-esque, master-planned development just Northeast of Downtown Austin, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Mueller (pronounced like “mill-er”) is a sizable community that is designed to have everything you might want all in one place. There are grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, an Alamo, Mueller Lake Park, a local farmer’s market, plenty of shopping essentials, and more.

The neighborhood itself has a healthy mix of brownstone style homes, condos, and modern, multi-family living at a wide range of prices. There is plenty of affordable housing for those looking to live in a true neighborhood.


Greenshores is a Lake Austin neighborhoods located on the north side of the lake along Greenshores Drive. It’s sandwiched between Lake Austin and Emma Long Metropolitan Park, one of the biggest lakefront parks in Austin. Not only is the area prized for it’s amazing location, the homes in the area standout as some of the most desirable pieces of real estate. They are unique, spacious, well-appointed, and can often come on large lots.

For a luxury neighborhood, this particular subdivision has a lot of inventory and homes are known to move on and off rather quickly. With a minimum price point in the $900s and max prices that can reach into the several millions, Greenshores is a prime locale that we’ll be keeping an eye on.

South Manchaca

Similar to Mueller, the area known as South Manchaca is experiencing an insane amount of development. Located close to William Cannon and between Brodie Lane and South First Street, this area is rife with neighborhoods, shopping, dining, entertainment, and more.

Because this is a highly affordable part of town that is getting luxury-style amenities, homes are moving off the market quickly to hungry buyers looking to capitalize on what are sure to be nice appreciation values and an improved quality of life.

Cuernavaca Street (Bee Caves)

While not really a neighborhood in the classical sense, this is a street that runs from Bee Caves Road north and south to Lake Austin. Based on recent home value data, the homes that line this street are some of the highest appreciating in the city.

People are trying to move there because of the vibrant nature of the area. Not only is it located in the West Lake Hills, you can also easily find early 20th century homes right next to brand new ones. With an average price point just under $1 million, you can find anything you’re looking for in terms of real estate along Cuernavaca Drive.

Gracy Woods

Over the years, Gracy Woods has often been overlooked because it’s located in a no man’s land part of north austin, near Metric Boulevard and Braker Lane. Yes, it has an ACC campus and plenty of shopping along the strips, but it is also home to Austin’s burgeoning tech sector, the highest concentration of craft breweries in town, and it’s right next to the Domain and all of the various amenities there.

Gracy Woods is a hot neighborhood this year because the prices are very easy on the eyes and the homes in the area are extremely eclectic. You can find ranch style one stories alongside more modern builds. There are also plenty of condo options available for those unopposed to multi-family residences.

Oak Hill

This is probably not the first time that Oak Hill has been on a “hottest neighborhoods” list and it probably won’t be the last. The area located near the intersection of Highway 71 and 290 is home to a wide offering of real estate as well as an easy going lifestyle that many Austinites prize. Sandwiched between Sunset Valley, Barton Creek, Lost Creek, Bee Cave, and Circle C, Oak Hill has any type of real estate you could be looking for – from luxury, to rural, to master-planned developments, to gated neighborhoods and more.

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